10 Streetwear Trends From 2017 & What’s Next? (Updated May 2017)

10 Streetwear Trends From 2017

The market hasn’t changed much this year; hype brands like Supreme, Palace and the like still dominate the streetwear market. Conglomerates like Vans, Adidas and Nike have played a massive part as expected. That only leaves a certain amount of room for new, original brands to set pace.

In 2017 we saw a lot of streetwear trends filtering down from high fashion and from the streets of Japan and China. We saw a cycle of a few older trends from the 80’s & 90’s too.

The consumer’s increase in control has meant that trends are changing faster than ever before. Whilst hype beasts keep fueling the hype machine, it’s becoming harder for brands to create timeless pieces. Brands like Forever 21, H&M and ASOS can mass produce clothes and completely fill the streets with low quality trend rip offs that saturate the market.

That being said, streetwear trends in 2017 dont tend to last very long at all.

Let’s take a look at some of the important trends that are currently dominating the streets, as well as some of the up and coming trends we can expect to see in the near future.

10 Streetwear Trends From 2017

1. Nature Themed Pieces – “I never promised you a rose garden”

This is probably one of the longest lasting trends in 2017. The trending rose design took its’ original inspiration from neon motel signs and nail salons. It’s cheesey and it’s nostalgic, but it flooded the streetwear market in a matter of weeks. Today you can find them printed all over dad hats, hoodies and most recently, denim jeans.

The embroidered rose is one of the biggest streetwear trends from 2017

In a time where the Internet rules all creative content, it seems that the most successful streetwear trends in 2017 are the ones that just re-contextualize something that was already there.
We’ve seen the consumer move away from branded logos and start using messages & minimalistic symbols to create an anti-authority culture within the streetwear market. The fact that no one “owns” the rose makes it even more appealing.

Rose Obey T Shirt

Obey Tee with Rose Crest & Sleeve Print

 Even Gucci adopted the rose emblem and have started using nature embroidery on more of their products – If there isn’t enough evidence that the line between streetwear and high fashion is blurred already.

When brands starting catching on to this new wave, nature in graphical fashion became very popular. Today, we start to see ocean waves, leaves and wild animals slowly making their way into the streets.

2. Split Panel – The best of both worlds

Reversible? Been there, done that. Now designers are producing garments that are dual constructed (where two fabrics are stitched together) or split printed to create a similar effect. The best part of all is that most of the designs are mismatched, meaning the design and the colours do not match where they are stitched together.

OFF-WHITE & Midnight Studios Split Panel Streetwear Trend

Although not as popular as some of the trends this year, the edgy mismatch style is slowly but surely it’s finding it’s way on to the streets. The best-known example is the collaboration between Midnight Studios and OFF-WHITE, where the two brands quite literally stitched their styles together, right up the middle!

3. Stripes 

Premium Striped T-Shirt by Sworn To Us

Premium Striped T-Shirt by Sworn To Us

Stripes have always been popular in menswear, but this year they have been hard to miss. They have made an even stronger entrance into the streetwear scene. Horizontal stripes are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe and aren’t too flashy to steal the limelight from the rest of your fit.

We’re not just talking stripes all over this time, either. Stripes have also been used a lot around sleeves and in single panels to help complement minimalistic garments.

Striped T Shirt Streetwear Trend

Striped Tee in a Google Trend Report

Rewinding back to the Medieval times – it was only prisoners, clowns and the condemned that wore striped garments. In fact wearing the pattern alone could have got you killed.

The ever popular striped tees we see today originate from the French coastal region of Brittany. The 1958 Act of France saw navy seamen wear striped tops bearing 21 horizontal stripes – one for each of Napoleon’s victories.

Stripes soon became the uniform of the hipster or the anti-cultural cool kids. Shortly after it was adopted by high fashion brand Chanel, it became one of the timeless wardrobe must-haves.

4. Quotes & Statements – “I’m so anti”

Respawn Jacket by The Anti Life

Respawn Jacket by The Anti Life

Clothing has long been a means of communication. Sardonic statements that are somewhat edgy have been popping up in streetwear left right and center. In 2017 this was one of the most popular streetwear trends that created many subcultures and niches. As people start to feel more empowered by their own influence on fashion, politics and society, the more controversial they become.

Instead of wearing a plain old branded hoodie or jacket, consumers became obsessed with wearing garments with messages and quotes printed on them.

5. Nostalgia – An Ode To The 90’s

The 90’s revival is still going strong. Risk taking in men’s fashion has always been a little behind that of women’s wear. That’s probably why several streetwear brands are emerging with nostalgic pieces that reference the early days of style. This is set to be a short-lived trend, as we see the nostalgia cycle restart once more.

KITH 90's inspired streetwear trends 2017

KITH x Rugrats

With brands like Supreme, Stussy and KITH leading the way, we can see vibrant colours and old school jackets coming back into fashion. Along with this, there’s an increase of nostalgic prints such as early 2000’s cartoon characters & designs ripped straight from old cereal boxes.

6. Tie- & Dip-dye – A Trend That Will Never Dye?

Is this one of those timeless pieces? Tie-dye is back again but this time round it’s a little less vibrant. Marble tie-dye using light colours such as greys, blues and whites are more popular this year.

We’ve also seen several variations of dip-dyed T-shirt’s, where the garment is hung up and dipped directly into the dye. The “Ombre” technique creates a nice gradient, which is commonly used with curved hemlines and long line t-shirts.

Dip-dye streetwear trend 2017

SikSilk Dip-Dyed Tee

7. Low-Fi 

Streetwear has always been about brands and messages, but more recently it has become minimalistic and modern. Consumers are starting to wear garments that are either completely blank, or only display a small printed/embroidered logo.

As naturals, nudes and more eye pleasing colours become more popular in Fashion, we see less brand orientated streetwear trends. That means wearing a clean, cheap pale sweater isn’t going to do you any harm.

8. Sports Luxe – Athleisure Is More Than A Trend

Unless you’ve been hiding in the locker room all season, you’ll know that this trend has been growing fast. Sports Luxe is essentially the art of wearing sports and gym wear with an everyday outfit, without stepping foot near a treadmill or weight bench. Athletic sports brands like Adidas, Puma & Champion are completely dominating the scene with track pants, hoodies and trainers meant for sports, but incorporated in every day style.

It’s way past the days when wearing tracksuits and trainers was labeled “Chavy”. Now anyone can get away with wearing sports brands. There is no better way to stay comfortable, warm and stylish.

9. Tech Wear – Functionality First

Techwear Photo

Techwear’s influence on streetwear is growing stronger year on year. The appeal of forward thinking clothes that put comfort first is obvious, but not everyone knows what techwear actually is. Techwear is everyday clothing, but it is made with special fabric and incorporates some scientific based construction techniques that allow for ultimate breathability and comfort.  Of course, the more science influences anything, the more futuristic looking it becomes.

Techwear has been growing as a streetwear trend for some time, and those stylish and functional garments are even more popular in 2017. Flexibility, range of motion, breathability, resistance to water and comfort are some of the more important features that techwear clothing puts first.

10. Camouflage – I Can’t See This One Going Anywhere


The military inspired print has gained traction with celebrities and brands over the past few years. In fact, you can find camo threads in almost every retail store right now. Shirts, tees, jumpers, jackets, shoes and even accessories have been flying off the shelf thanks to their use of camouflage. The traditional green camouflage pattern is most popular, all though new colours are starting to rise to the surface.

If you want to jump on board with this streetwear trend, we suggest that you limit your outfit to only one camo item. Wearing camouflage on the street doesn’t have the same effect as wearing it in the Vietnam jungle. The pattern is striking and eye catching, so to avoid overdoing it, keep the rest of your outfit simple and wear some essential garments that complement the overall outfit.

Camo Is A Popular Streetwear Trend