Everything You Need To Know About The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collaboration

Supreme X Louis Vuitton Bag

For some time we were teased about a Louis Vuitton Supreme collaboration and they’ve finally delivered. Supreme – originally a skateboarding clothing brand, now has one of the largest streetwear cults in history under its belt – and it keeps getting bigger.

Launched in 1994, Supreme tells a true story of rags to riches. The closest Supreme ever got to working with Luis Vuitton, was back in 2000, when Louis Vuitton sent a cease and desist letter to Supreme for printing skate decks with a “similar print” to Louis Vuitton’s toile monogram.  Two weeks later, the boards were recalled and discontinued.

As Bob Dylan once said – “The Times They Are A-Changin'”

17 years later, luxury fashion giant, Louis Vuitton have changed their tune. Now we are about to see a never to forget collaboration between Louis Vuitton and the world famous streetwear brand, Supreme.

How did this happen?

Rumours and leaks around the LV Supreme collab have been orbiting around the fashion corners of the internet for at least two months – so the collab didn’t exactly come as a surprise. Supreme founder, James Jebbia was caught red handed at Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2017 fashion show. You can just imagine how quickly the internet distorted the story, and thus the rumours began!

The insanity of the internet was enough to fuel the fire, and before you knew it, everyone who had an Instagram account was expecting the Supreme LV collab. Then, a few weeks later we saw some real proof – at first, an image of a sweater on a hanger, followed by an image of A$AP Bari rocking a Supreme x Louis Vuitton bandanna. At this point, it was practically confirmed.

Supreme LV Collab Pouch

Supreme LV Collab Trunk

When Was The Supreme LV Collab Confirmed ?

The big news came straight from fashion central, Paris. – Louis Vuitton finally revealed the collection with Supreme on Thursday the 19th of January 2016. The collection was unveiled during the official fall 2017 men’s runway – where the collection proved to be bigger than anything we expected. Is this the one drop to rule them all?

Why is the Louis Vuitton Supreme Collaboration so big?

The Supreme LV collab was at first, somewhat confusing, but when you think about it, it all becomes clear. In urban culture, the bright red Supreme box logo is just as important as the signature “LV” pattern that Louis Vuitton are so well known for.  The streetwear cult that follow  Supreme, are almost hypnotised by the brand and its red box logo – and Louis Vuitton know that any price is justifiable for a cult collectors item.  Who would miss out on the chance to buy an item from, what looks to be, the biggest streetwear drop in 2017?

What was released in the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection?

When we first saw rumours of a Supreme LV collab, none of us expected the collection be to so large. Several bags were revealed, amongst other, less vibrant items such as gloves, scarves, hats, baseball bats, skateboard decks, blankets, sunglasses, shirts, t-shirts, key chains, shoes, belts, and the co-branded version of the travel trunk style iPhone case that put the icing on the cake.

When is the LV Supreme Collab going to be released?

You can expect to see the full collection go on sale at selected Louis Vuitton stores on July 17th 2017. It may also be available at temporary locations and pop up stores.

You can watch the entire Louis Vuitton FW17 show here  where you also have the opportunity to register for updates and further release information.

Is the Supreme LV collab overkill? or this what the street culture has been waiting for?

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